My passion is to take great photos of people.

I especially like portraits – and by this, I mean photos that are the result of an agreement between me and the person in the photo. I am trying to capture their essence – their history, their mood, and their attitudes – just for a fleeting moment. For me, the epitome of this is the portfolio of Henri Cartier-Bresson. You can learn a bit about this pioneer of photojournalism here

I am no longer young. Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I notice the impact of my life – the scars from motorcycle accidents, the grey hair from motherhood, the creases around my eyes and mouth from failing to look after my skin in the way that the cosmetic companies demand and spending years in the sun and on the golf course. I have accepted these changes to my appearance and notice them daily in the faces and bodies of my friends and family.

I gain joy from capturing these qualities in the portraits of people – especially older people. I reckon it’s pretty difficult to make a 25-year-old look bad…..but for me, producing striking photos of a joyful moment for a friend in her late 80s is immensely rewarding for both of us.

I also enjoy capturing candid shots of people – kids jumping in puddles, models posing for seagulls, exhausted kitchen hands on smoko and I have posted a couple of these on this site.

But my passion is portraits.

You can see my favourite portraits below and then some examples of my other work. Just click on the tab then select any of the thumbnail pics for full-size picture galleries.


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Four Generations of Bowen Women