A bit more about me

I am on a journey. It’s a journey I have been on for over 60 years since I was born in England to a couple of uni students. They were science and maths students, so it’s not all that surprising that my initial steps were in the world of numbers and facts.

Looking back, I can see how I kept in touch with my creative side – through music and art – although I’m not sure how creative it was reproducing Jungle Book cartoons on my bedroom walls….luckily my parents also pushed me hard into sport so I don’t suffer from the fallout of drug addiction that laid waste to so many of my childhood friends.

After a long corporate career (if you have nothing better to do, it’s laid out in my LinkedIn page) I have reached a point in my journey where I have developed a new passion – capturing people’s essence through photography. I have been reasonably systematic in developing the skills I need to build my body of work so I have done some courses and taken on paying work to fund this expensive habit.

I have recently become a Grandmother. Like all grandparents (I reckon), I madly adore Georgia and the start of her journey has been captured in far more detail that she will probably appreciate when she is an adolescent. Although I love taking photos of her, it’s pretty difficult to make her look bad, and even though she is the most beautiful baby in the known universe, she does not provide much of an opportunity to portray the impact of life on her to date.

I think that older people – and by that I mean even older than me – have far more interesting stories to tell in their faces and bodies. Life teaches us lessons all the time – sometimes we learn, sometimes not, but if I look hard enough I can see their impact – and hopefully reflect some of it in the portraits I take and share with my partners in this part of my journey – the people whose portraits I create.

My new venture is now well on its way. I have been taking photos all my life, but only now have I achieved the focus and time to take it to the next stage and develop a real body of work in portrait photography. I need money to pay for this, though, so tell all your friends that as they enter the later stages of their lives, a sensitive, truthful and evocative portrait is just what they need to help them communicate their history and dreams to their friends and families.

I am here to help.

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